Minat pada knitting tak? Jum belajar :)

Alhamdulillah, finally I finished my  hat project. It took 2-3 days to knit this thing ahh it almost blow up my brain huhu.. 😦  But! The result took my tired away 😉

Sorry for the blurry..  since i am using camera from my phone. What do you think ? 🙂 I made few mistakes but I managed to fix them carefully. I really like this pattern and enjoyed making this.

I thought the upper part was a bit funny. Though, actually I can change this part and bind it off normally. However, I was thinking, hey, why don’t you try something unique? Lets keep knitting and see how it will be.  So for this upper part,  I changed to double pointed needles and then change it to circular needles because it is much easier to use Magic Loop technique in making this part.

Hehe.. and here is my loyal modal 😉

Thanks my lil sis 😉 *kiss you*

From side view.. this below part is very easy to knit. You can do it too!

Close view.

I wanna thank you to the designer of this pattern from Knitpicks.Com, Sally Pointer, thank you for this lovely pattern!  This is a nice hat to be wear by a girl 😉


Comments on: "My Version of Flower Hat :)" (2)

  1. wah cantiknya hat ni…laju ery mengait 😀

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