Minat pada knitting tak? Jum belajar :)

Crochet: Leaf Case ;)

Pencil case crocheted by my mom with her own unique design from mind. Not copying from any book because she doesn’t know how to read charts or abbreviations 🙂  Yup, she learnt how to crochet since she was teenagers by just observing my late grandmother did her crochets. During her time, there was no internet to learn from youtube hihi.. and books were also very limited.

Then,  I named it as Leaf Case hehe.. because the look of the pattern is like a leaf.

Kemudian, letakkan bunga untuk nampak lebih terserlah.

Yellow button flower 😀


Comments on: "Crochet: Leaf Case ;)" (4)

  1. Cantiknya.. dan nama yang Er berikan pun cantik dan sesuai sekali.. so sweet!

  2. Nice! Mmg nmpk mcm daun =) Good colour selection for the flower.

  3. canteknyeeee pattern die @_@

  4. Kak Ayza : Thank you kak, mama saya pun kata thanks to kak Ayza hihi 😉

    MisFyd : Thank you Misfyd 🙂 mama saya juga ucapkan thanks to MisFyd hihi

    Syahidah : Syahidah.. lama tak dengar berita, apa khabar? Thanks syahidah.. Kak Ery pun tak tahu pattern ni.. mama ja yang tahu.. oh ya, benang dah sampai? Nanti inform kat kak Ery ok ?

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